Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Love Triangle

This ain’t a love story, but this can affect your love story.
Try reading on and find out how your relationships are fairing.

Everyone dreams of falling in love, but love is such an abused word nowadays.  Usually, men mistake lust for love, while women confuse it with romance or infatuation.  So how do you determine love's true form?
The criteria is quiet easy actually;
The discerning is the hard part;
And the hardest is deciding whether the love is genuine or not.

I have learned in from theory and experience that love has to be composed equally of three main ingredients, namely:  Intimacy, Romance and Spiritual compatibility.
Lets break those ingredients down.

INTIMACY- now this word does not just mean you two are physically close.  Intimacy means both of you share your thoughts,dreams and secrets.  This means both of you are actually friends that share each others' ups and downs, and that both of you know you've got each other's back.  This is usually what remains when the excitement of new love fades away.
ROMANCE-  now this is probably what you do best.  But take note, especially you guys, that the better way to romance a girl is not by making love to her.  Romance is not sex.. it is showing that you actually care.  Example, a better way to romance your wife is to hug her tight and kiss her when you husbands come home from work, or leave home for work.  Added points if, when you come home for work, you share what happened in the office so she will always be reminded that she is part of your life.. For girlfriends, and boyfriends.. sharing a good conversation and a good hug is romance.  Of course, we're not cutting away the basics of chocolates and flowers here.. But, I think you get the picture.  Romance is being thoughtful, not horny.
and of course.....
SPIRITUAL COMPATIBILITY - if both of you have the same religion, then its an advantage, but if both of you do not, and still you think your relationship is working, then go on with it.  This criteria does not have to just mean religion or beliefs, it has something more to do with the values and virtues that you follow in life.  Both of you have to have a similar(but not necessarily the same) outlook in life to keep things (especially fights) at a "normal" level.

So, are you thinking deep?  If you want a lasting relationship.. then think it over and don't waste your time and energy over someone not worth holding on.  If, you think you and your love have all three and more, then you now have more courage and conviction to make the relationship grow because you have thought long and hard and not just get carried away by mere fleeting "feelings".

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Best Father's Day ever!

Today is Father's Day, and the first thing that I want to tell the world is that I love my father very much.  We live quite far from each other that is why I'm just so happy and thankful that he and mom came to Tagbilaran this weekend.  At last, we could spend some well-deserved quality time.

I treated my family today to yummy chicken and a small ube flavored cake, my father's favorite flavor.  It was small because it was only what I could afford (for now). Haha.. But hopefully, its gonna get bigger the next time.
My dad ate quietly, and there were no exchange of mushy words, except for the casual "happy father's day" greeting,  but I could see in his eyes that I made him happy, and it felt really great.

So to all the fathers out there, who do everything they can for their family, today is your day, and I hope you will enjoy this day as much as my father and I did. ;)

the Wish that came true

Hmmm.. I know, you probably think its about a guy.. Hmmm... Nope, it isn't.  This post is about a spur of the moment wish in law school that came true this semester.  But the catch is, my  classmates and I still don't know whether to celebrate or to weep.

Last year, we had a rather relaxed academic curriculum in the law school that I'm at, so naturally, the students, especially us, the first years were also relaxed... hmm.. no, wait, I think the correct term for us was "lousy".. haha... 

So during breaks, when we would realize our rampant "lousiness", and think of our friends in prestigious law schools outside our province, we would go like, "hala noh, di jud ta ka pasar ug Bar exam ani kay lax ra ta kaayo..." and then someone would answer, "alangan kay lax raman sad kaayo mga professors nato, sige man gani ug absent nang uban... "...  

And so our conversations continued regarding our situation, until we all agreed on one wish, and that was "lami unta pod ug ma strikto pod gamay sila sir noh? Kanang kung pabasahon ta, mag recite jud inig abot nato sa classroom bah, dili kay sila ra kanunay discuss..."

---cut ... cut... vacation... vacation...  Action!

And then school opened again, First Semester, Second Year Law.

BIG Announcement.  I was absent on the first day of school, so I didn't get the news right away, so when I came to school the next day, my classmate asked me whether I read some number of articles in one of our subjects which made me think like "are you kiddin' me?..  Ten articles assigned on the first day?

Then he answered, "Yep! And there's gonna be more... They changed the curriculum.. Just as we wished for last semester..."

 Then our class started to decrease in number.  Especially us girls, we were once the majority, now, there are only 5 of us.  

My classmates and I know that we should be happy, because even if we get feverish due to the stares of our professors, we get the education that we need plus our money's worth. But then again, its true what they say... Be careful what you wish for, it might just damn come true.. ;-)

Cheesy post

A good title is just so hard to catch sometimes.  That's why in this post, I've decided to fill the paragraphs first..

But to hell with titles.. This post ain't about it.

Life can just sometimes be so unfair.  I don't want to expand further, most of you have probably experienced this already.

The downside to mine is, I have no one to tell the details, no one to spurt out everything.  That's why I pull it all out on some people.  Just.. random people, and then I do some kindness afterwards to make up for my weird acts.

Anyway, you might ask, why don't I share my aches/pains? (ewww... those words sound so cheesy...)
well, here's why,  the main reason is, I really don't like talking about myself personally, although I am already doin that.. (haah.. the ironies)..

Second, if I tell it to my parents, they might turn emotional and I dont wanna add to their prolems.

Third, I don't know if I really have a permanent best friend, not that I don't have true friends, I just don't feel like burdening them.

Fourth, if I tell it to my boyfriend, he'd probably say, "Why do you take life so seriously?" --Well, I don't know..! maybe because I'm still doin everything I can so that the goody goody side of life will also take me seriously..

 My relatives? lol..

or maybe despite my rather "extrovert" facade, lies an introvert me..?

So that's about it.. Now I feel better.. Hmm.. Why is that.?  Thanks blog! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Epol's birthday

Long time no blog again for me.. :(

Anyway, here it goes...
 Whew! It was quite a long day.. :) Its my nephew's birthday tomorrow and the family has just been doin a lot of preparations the whole day.  Occassions like these sort of fire up our creative side.  Maybe we should open up an events coordinating thingy.. But then, it would be adding up to the already long list of things to do everyday.  And with school days fast approaching, tons of books to read, it would be almost impossible to do a lot of things.  Unless of course, as memerdz would say, "I'd be using the kaginbushing technique".. I don't know how on earth its spelled, but it sounded like that.  I think its from a cartoon called Naruto wherein such powers would make us multiply ourselves so we can do a lot more stuff without feelin dizzy.  :)

I gotta go.. sooo sleepy right now.  Got to energize for my nephew's Big Day tomorrow.. :)    

Friday, May 15, 2009

Long time no blog!

Hey there, its been a while since I blogged... In fact, its been a while since I wrote anything. I'll say its because of mood swings.. hmm.. nah.. maybe its just because i don't feel like writing yet.. Until tonight, when I finally decide to do so! any way, enough of that none sense.
I recently turned 21.. cut my long hair, and! enrolled in law school... Yep.. I just simultaneously graduated from 4 years of school work and enrolled for another four years of torture.. Its a good thing I have with me 2 of my good friends in undergrad school, and the support of my family.. I hope I won't let them down, (having no plans of doing that is at least a start... ). I didn't actually like the thought of entering law school for the past 5 years of my life, although it was an on and off thing, I had thoughts like, "why would I submit myself to four years of hell?" and after having found out that four of my relatives gave a try at that, and they, well.. you know.. And I went "So that's why they want me to go to law school!!" I felt like I was given the task to continue their dreams. And then I said to myself, "what about my own dreams?" And so, that was the reason that kept my mind off the idea.
Fast forward to my college years, I excelled in my political science subjects and in student leadership, onward to graduation and to the moment when I had to finally decide. It is strange what time and age can do to your thinking. I mean, I'm not that old, but law school seemed less intimidating now, than four years ago when I was a college freshman. My Lolatol was right, I remember her saying (while she was cutting some patterns of cloth) "Maybe soon you will realize that it is not that hard.. your just intimidated now because you're young, but when you get older, it won't be too scary". And, it felt like the bachelors degree wasn't enough yet. It was during these times too, that I learned the situations of my relatives before when they studied law, and realized how hard it was, which may have contributed to the result of their exams. I don't know what else happened, but that was enough to make me want to try and make them happy and proud. My parents approve of it too, and, I know my aunt tita will be very happy.
And so, I enrolled. And when the secretary of the COL's Deans Office said, "you have been successfully enrolled", whoa.. butterflies in my stomach? and some shivers down my spine! Yep, I myself was surprised by the happiness that I actually felt.
Classes start June 8, and I hope I won't be all talk and no work. While the possibility of dropping out all subjects when all hell breaks lose comes to mind, trying something and failing, is better than not trying at all.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm graduating! :-)

Yup... I'm finally graduating this Sunday morning.. The big event I've been waiting for four years is finally coming... Thank God!
Thank God too for my family.. Mama, papa, momy tita, my aunt and cousins here in Tagbilaran.. who supported me and my friends,
ANDREW.. MALYN..TONET.. COLEEN.. and many more!!!
who made college fun and memorable... (awwww....) and my college professors, especially Sir Ticong, Mommy Jay, Sir Pernia, Sir Dan2x..

And of course... hehe... to Mr.M. Jabines.. hehe.. 143..

Next up... Masters? or a Law degree.... hu! Hopefully... A job too of course!