Tuesday, February 17, 2009

birth of INKcode....

It all began one tuesday evening as I decided to finally begin my blogsite.. so off I went to my cousin's office to start... I turned on the computer and.... what the f***!!! I forgot my email ad!!
I tried and tried... until I finally blurted out my dilemma.... hahaha went my companions that night..: memerdz (although he too forgot what it was even if he helped me make that email...) utol (who was also posting a blog..) and yaya dee (epol's may - december affair... heheheheh) anyways, so I went on trying until I asked for the other term for typing.. memerdz said encode.. then.. my auntie tol, the great "word maker" thought of a brilliant idea...! and her idea was (drumroll please..) INKcode! yep... I blinked at first, but then, oh yeah! what a title! And so, I finished making my blogsite and chose this template. I showed it to my utol and voila! she was sooo jealous that she gave me the name! hahaha... it was better than scribbles (the name I previuosly thought of) and could even be mistaken for a brand!
Ha!!! its good to lose things sometimes, so better ones could come and replace it!!!


  1. nice...no, more than nice start...now try not to forget your password this time heheheheheheheh

  2. asa man uban nimong posts uy...tapuwana pud nimo uy...joke jok jok yuk yuk...hehe suko indew ani..starring iyang hasbeen...