Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Campus Politics...

Is campus politics teaching students important stuff?
some may say it is a waste of one's time, energy and money.. But if you get yourself into it and just know how to balance things, you'll find that it is also a worthwhile experience. I have served my schools studentry for the past 6 years of my well... student life... and although I did experience some big bumps... I still am happy for the opportunity of experiencing how it is to work even without the benefits of a paycheck..
Here are some of the goodies you can learn in such extra curricular activity (although I myself don't admit to having perfected any of them.. haha... knowing them at least is a start..)

1. You learn how to prioritize things in your life.. (the Almighty always at the first of course) your academic performance, your family, your friends, your duties as an officer should be as much as possible given their rightful place in your "priority list" so you can be confident that you have made use of your time properly.

You learn how to Plan your work and to work your plan... Yes... this is simpler said than done.. according to our lesson in Public administration, planning lets you see what things are needed and the problems that may be encountered so you may avoid them or lets you think of solutions so you can save time and resources...

3. You learn to
avoid procrastination... The old "I'll do it later coz I got plenty of time still.." line is a red alert. Especially if you don't regularly remind yourself perhaps through a list, of the things you have to do...
You might lose track of time... working a project in the 11th hour might spur your creativity and intellect for a while, but it usually produces average if not mediocre outputs... plus! the line "I wish I did it ahead of time..." ..

4. You learn to respect the people around you... Especially if you are the known "leader" or the head of a team... If you want them to treat you right, you must be the first to do that to them...
Listen to their ideas, opinions and criticisms..

5. You learn to work professionally... DOn't let petty quarrels and arguments get in the way of achieving your team's goals... If you find it uncomfortable working with that someone, then settle the conflict first... If it can't be settled yet, just be civil and work objectively..

6. You realize that you can't please everyone, so if you hear something that is against you, consider it for a while, but don't be too emotionally bothered, especially if those comments come from people who have done nothing at all, or from people who are too narcissistic..

7. You learn to stay grounded despite any success or achievement.. People will love and respect you for that...

8. You learn to Think twice or thrice!!!.. before you decide on something... It helps you prepare for any problems or consequences that may arise from such decisions...

9. You learn to appreciate the works of others and you learn to ask help... This is very important... where would you be without other's help? You can't do everything at the same time...

10. Most important of all, you learn the value of friendship and cooperation.. Nothing is more rewarding than a good friend's pat on the back after doing all the unpaid work... haha..

Yep... top 10 things I learned... I know a lot of people too who have learned these things through other extra curricular stuff.. So, don't be too bookish... explore your potentials, develop your leadership skills and be a competent individual..!


  1. great stuff, the way, where did you learn all those crazy ideas....hehehe I mean those englishations.....hehehe i'm enjoying this so much it hurts...eheheheh

  2. nyaaaa... you're just jealous... O tol.. I'm also in pain... hahaha