Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got conflict?

My college professor who was also a lawyer, told our class that lawyers get to practice their profession successfully because there are a lot of people who take themselves too seriously that even a simple argument over who's turn it is when playing cards.. Or when taking turns with the microphone in a videoke bar could lead to a case in the Punong Barangay or in trial courts... That's why our court dockets are so full... My classmates and I laughed... we didn't really believe what he said... But upon hearing over and over again the plenty of bad news on TV.. and people quarreling over stuff that shouldn't be fought over made me realize that there was some truth to what he said... People tend to create a conflict that they themselves are not willing to end because of their being self-righteous. "Why should I be the first to say something? Why should I compromise? I'm the victim here!!..." and bla bla bla... goes the list of alibis... Who ends up happy? the Lawyers. who ends up tired and irritated? The Judges. Who pays? Ha!! Who do you think?? So, are you in one of these situations now and don't know what to do?? Look for conflict management tips.. My next blog will feature some of these tips which I learned from my public administration class... and tested by some experiences in school.. Bye for now!!!


  1. hahaha...tol, I thought you wanted to be a lawyer..well, you can be a writer though..but do make up your mind...ano ba talagah?

  2. lawyers have to be good writers..

  3. which means you're going to be both...okay