Monday, March 2, 2009

Republic of Bohol...

I know, I know... I said I'd post something about conflict management.. But I haven't found the photocopy that our professor gave us, and I wanted to read it first so I could give you the right terms...
So here I am now, adding another article about my beautiful home, the Republic of Bohol!!! weeeeh!!! Its not really a republic thought, its just a teeny weeny island province located at the heart of Central Visayas Philippines. Its one of the 7,107 islands composing the Philippine archipelago, and I'm proud to say that although it is small, it has put itself on the map of the world, because of the many wondrous tourist spots that it beholds.
Our Bohol has beautiful white sand beaches, mysterious caves, a man made forest, (oh, we have lots and lots of natural forests too... hehe) historical landmarks, churches made during the Spanish occupation, hu!! coral reefs, mangroves, sanctuaries, a really really long river, and of course, the one the only, Chocolate hills... ha! plenty isn't it? Its like a one-stop tourist spot! And the people here are friendly too! Its only city, called Tagbilaran has been aptly called the City of Friendship... Come to our Bohol!

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