Saturday, June 19, 2010

Best Father's Day ever!

Today is Father's Day, and the first thing that I want to tell the world is that I love my father very much.  We live quite far from each other that is why I'm just so happy and thankful that he and mom came to Tagbilaran this weekend.  At last, we could spend some well-deserved quality time.

I treated my family today to yummy chicken and a small ube flavored cake, my father's favorite flavor.  It was small because it was only what I could afford (for now). Haha.. But hopefully, its gonna get bigger the next time.
My dad ate quietly, and there were no exchange of mushy words, except for the casual "happy father's day" greeting,  but I could see in his eyes that I made him happy, and it felt really great.

So to all the fathers out there, who do everything they can for their family, today is your day, and I hope you will enjoy this day as much as my father and I did. ;)

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