Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cheesy post

A good title is just so hard to catch sometimes.  That's why in this post, I've decided to fill the paragraphs first..

But to hell with titles.. This post ain't about it.

Life can just sometimes be so unfair.  I don't want to expand further, most of you have probably experienced this already.

The downside to mine is, I have no one to tell the details, no one to spurt out everything.  That's why I pull it all out on some people.  Just.. random people, and then I do some kindness afterwards to make up for my weird acts.

Anyway, you might ask, why don't I share my aches/pains? (ewww... those words sound so cheesy...)
well, here's why,  the main reason is, I really don't like talking about myself personally, although I am already doin that.. (haah.. the ironies)..

Second, if I tell it to my parents, they might turn emotional and I dont wanna add to their prolems.

Third, I don't know if I really have a permanent best friend, not that I don't have true friends, I just don't feel like burdening them.

Fourth, if I tell it to my boyfriend, he'd probably say, "Why do you take life so seriously?" --Well, I don't know..! maybe because I'm still doin everything I can so that the goody goody side of life will also take me seriously..

 My relatives? lol..

or maybe despite my rather "extrovert" facade, lies an introvert me..?

So that's about it.. Now I feel better.. Hmm.. Why is that.?  Thanks blog! :)

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