Thursday, June 3, 2010

Epol's birthday

Long time no blog again for me.. :(

Anyway, here it goes...
 Whew! It was quite a long day.. :) Its my nephew's birthday tomorrow and the family has just been doin a lot of preparations the whole day.  Occassions like these sort of fire up our creative side.  Maybe we should open up an events coordinating thingy.. But then, it would be adding up to the already long list of things to do everyday.  And with school days fast approaching, tons of books to read, it would be almost impossible to do a lot of things.  Unless of course, as memerdz would say, "I'd be using the kaginbushing technique".. I don't know how on earth its spelled, but it sounded like that.  I think its from a cartoon called Naruto wherein such powers would make us multiply ourselves so we can do a lot more stuff without feelin dizzy.  :)

I gotta go.. sooo sleepy right now.  Got to energize for my nephew's Big Day tomorrow.. :)    

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