Saturday, June 19, 2010

the Wish that came true

Hmmm.. I know, you probably think its about a guy.. Hmmm... Nope, it isn't.  This post is about a spur of the moment wish in law school that came true this semester.  But the catch is, my  classmates and I still don't know whether to celebrate or to weep.

Last year, we had a rather relaxed academic curriculum in the law school that I'm at, so naturally, the students, especially us, the first years were also relaxed... hmm.. no, wait, I think the correct term for us was "lousy".. haha... 

So during breaks, when we would realize our rampant "lousiness", and think of our friends in prestigious law schools outside our province, we would go like, "hala noh, di jud ta ka pasar ug Bar exam ani kay lax ra ta kaayo..." and then someone would answer, "alangan kay lax raman sad kaayo mga professors nato, sige man gani ug absent nang uban... "...  

And so our conversations continued regarding our situation, until we all agreed on one wish, and that was "lami unta pod ug ma strikto pod gamay sila sir noh? Kanang kung pabasahon ta, mag recite jud inig abot nato sa classroom bah, dili kay sila ra kanunay discuss..."

---cut ... cut... vacation... vacation...  Action!

And then school opened again, First Semester, Second Year Law.

BIG Announcement.  I was absent on the first day of school, so I didn't get the news right away, so when I came to school the next day, my classmate asked me whether I read some number of articles in one of our subjects which made me think like "are you kiddin' me?..  Ten articles assigned on the first day?

Then he answered, "Yep! And there's gonna be more... They changed the curriculum.. Just as we wished for last semester..."

 Then our class started to decrease in number.  Especially us girls, we were once the majority, now, there are only 5 of us.  

My classmates and I know that we should be happy, because even if we get feverish due to the stares of our professors, we get the education that we need plus our money's worth. But then again, its true what they say... Be careful what you wish for, it might just damn come true.. ;-)

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