Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Love Triangle

This ain’t a love story, but this can affect your love story.
Try reading on and find out how your relationships are fairing.

Everyone dreams of falling in love, but love is such an abused word nowadays.  Usually, men mistake lust for love, while women confuse it with romance or infatuation.  So how do you determine love's true form?
The criteria is quiet easy actually;
The discerning is the hard part;
And the hardest is deciding whether the love is genuine or not.

I have learned in from theory and experience that love has to be composed equally of three main ingredients, namely:  Intimacy, Romance and Spiritual compatibility.
Lets break those ingredients down.

INTIMACY- now this word does not just mean you two are physically close.  Intimacy means both of you share your thoughts,dreams and secrets.  This means both of you are actually friends that share each others' ups and downs, and that both of you know you've got each other's back.  This is usually what remains when the excitement of new love fades away.
ROMANCE-  now this is probably what you do best.  But take note, especially you guys, that the better way to romance a girl is not by making love to her.  Romance is not sex.. it is showing that you actually care.  Example, a better way to romance your wife is to hug her tight and kiss her when you husbands come home from work, or leave home for work.  Added points if, when you come home for work, you share what happened in the office so she will always be reminded that she is part of your life.. For girlfriends, and boyfriends.. sharing a good conversation and a good hug is romance.  Of course, we're not cutting away the basics of chocolates and flowers here.. But, I think you get the picture.  Romance is being thoughtful, not horny.
and of course.....
SPIRITUAL COMPATIBILITY - if both of you have the same religion, then its an advantage, but if both of you do not, and still you think your relationship is working, then go on with it.  This criteria does not have to just mean religion or beliefs, it has something more to do with the values and virtues that you follow in life.  Both of you have to have a similar(but not necessarily the same) outlook in life to keep things (especially fights) at a "normal" level.

So, are you thinking deep?  If you want a lasting relationship.. then think it over and don't waste your time and energy over someone not worth holding on.  If, you think you and your love have all three and more, then you now have more courage and conviction to make the relationship grow because you have thought long and hard and not just get carried away by mere fleeting "feelings".

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